Now my daughter won’t stop reading

This is a post a wrote a while (four years) back.  I saved it to use when I needed it.  I need it today.


The other day The Kids and I are driving around running errands.  The Girl and I are talking about something with Girl Scouts and listing all the girls and whether or not they are coming to this event.  After I’m done listing she says, “what about Susie?”  (OK, her name isn’t really Susie, but that’s not important).  I told her that Susie had moved away, which prompted a complaint about how Susie was only here for a few months.  I explained that I thought Susie’s family was only here for a short time after her step-dad got back from being deployed, which prompted, “Mama, what does ‘deployed’ mean?”

Holy teachable moment, Batmom.  I explain that deployed means when the soldiers go away to where the war is and fight in the war.  She asks about where our soldiers are fighting.  I start talking about Afghanistan and the Taliban.  She finds it mildly interesting that there are places in the world where girls and women must be covered up and aren’t allowed to work or drive cars.  No biggie to her, though.  Then I mention school and books.

Next thing you know she’s almost in tears over the thought of anyone not being allowed to read and what a horrible, terrible, life-destroying thing that would be.  How she can’t imagine going without her books.  How she would never be able to sleep without reading in bed.  How she could never live without The Hair of Zoey Fleefenbacher Goes to School.  How she would never want to sit alone in her room without Mama and Papa reading to her, or one of her favorite books to keep her company. How horrible it would be to never read a new adventure.


This year, she’s read I Am Malala, among many other booksand opened a public Little Free Library with her girl friends.  The world is good.

Taliban: 0     Girl: all the wins


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