Hot, hot, hot party food

Yesterday was the pool party for The Girl’s birthday.  I was going to have a quick little swim party – swimming, cake, presents, in and out in 2 hours, 3 tops.  The Hubs wanted to be sure we had enough time, so we pushed to four hours.  10AM-2PM all at the pool, you gotta feed the kids.  So, what to do outside with incredibly hot hot weather and hungry kids?  Sandwiches sounds OK, but I’m not talking about a nice warm sunny day here.  It’s almost July and we’re in the Houston ‘burbs.  We’re talking surface-of-the-sun hot. It got up to 103. That’s just damn hot no matter how much shade you have, and breezes are kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing in these parts.

I searched for heat-tolerant sandwiches and finger foods.  Watermelon – that’s an easy one.  I might even pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours right before, as long as I can remember to take it out and bring it.  I didn’t, of course. It was still popular. Fruit chunks – pineapple and some grapes.  A veggie tray – baby carrots and celery sticks, with some roasted garlic hummus for dip.  Cake, of course.  No ice cream.  It would never make it.

The best solution, though, was the no-mayo sandwiches and rollups.  It’s pretty simple to spread some sunbutter and strawberry jam on bread.  Some cream cheese with grape jam on a tortilla.  Ham and cream cheese on tortilla.  Nutella and raspberry jam.  That’s not very interesting, though.  The caprese sandwich was good, though.  How can you go wrong with pesto, mozarella, and fresh tomatoes?  The best of the lot was the pepperoni rollup.  Cream cheese, pesto, and pepperoni on a fresh whole wheat tortilla.  Now that’s tasty. 

By the time we got into the fourth hour, though, those sandwiches were getting dry and that cheese was getting …. tired. I wish I’d figured out some ice solution, but it took three big bags of ice in a bucket to keep a couple of bottles of water and a couple of jugs of tea cool enough to drink. Maybe next year I’ll find a very small baby pool to fill with ice and put out on the table with trays of food on the ice. The great galvanized tubs we use for drinks arent’ great for food because they’re too tall and small. Can’t get a nice layer going. Maybe I should suck it up and just pack baggies with sandwiches in a cooler a-la old-school beach days. Everyone could just grab one when they’re hungry, I guess.



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