Really, Penn State?

What the Hell are people thinking?

OK, I get that Joe Paterno’s been there forever. I get that there is a long football tradition there at Penn State. What I don’t get is how any Penn State fan can be anything but pissed off at the whole pack of monsters there. How can a Penn State fan feel anything about the whole mess besides a deep anger that these savages ruined their University’s reputation? How many parents would have pulled their kids out of that football program after this kind of scandal broke? How many parents are going to work hard to get their promising young sons into that football program now, even after the firings? How many moms are going to be proud to say their boys are heading off to summer training at Penn State in the next few years? And just how many games do you think those boys will win? Basically, the entire “football tradition” at Penn State has just been reduced to child molestation.

Now obviously Sandusky is a special kind of monster, but what kind of monster does it take to walk in on that atrocity and do nothing? Doesn’t that count as an accomplice? Sorry, McQuery, you aren’t off the hook for telling Paterno. Frankly, I think you had a moral obligation to intervene on behalf of the boy you saw Sandusky abusing, PHYSICALLY if necessary. Walking away and tattling isn’t enough. If you said you’d beat his ass and then called the boy’s parents and the cops, that might be enough. And really, Paterno? You told the AD? That’s it? He wasn’t seen pilfering sticky notes from the supply room. Talk about a disproportionate response.

The whole mess makes me sick. People who prey on children (and those who protect them) have a special place in Hell, I hope.


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